My coaching philosophy

Methodical, creative, collaborative, and reflective

Coaching for me is a methodical approach to learning and growth where we engage in a creative, collaborative, and reflective process that generates new levels of awareness, accountability, and purpose in achieving positive outcomes with long-lasting effects.

I view my role as a co-pilot — a thinking partner at your side. We’ll set the course and navigate together, sometimes I’ll grab ahold of the steering wheel, and sometimes I’ll push the gas or tap the brakes, but from the beginning to the end, you are the pilot.

Flexible and scalable

A core element in my coach approach lies in the idea of integration. Integration takes shape in different ways — it’s partly about combining knowledge and practices from different disciplines and applying this in new ways, it’s also about looking for patterns between ideas that might not initially seem connected, and it’s also about you and I working with our “full selves”.

Taking an integrated approach to coaching also means I welcome possibilities in how we can create a learning experience that has the greatest power and potential for you and your topic. In some cases, this has led to coaching sessions taking place outdoors on a walk or combined with other activities that can help shift your energy, attention, and perspective.

I also view coaching as scalable — coaching can be applied in one facet of your life as an individual, it can also connect to other/all areas of your life, and it can be applied to individuals in groups, teams, and broader systems.

Diagram of different definitions of coaching
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