Coaching is a methodical approach to learning and growth where we engage in a creative, collaborative, and reflective process that generates new levels of awareness, accountability, and purpose in achieving positive outcomes with long-lasting effects.

Who I coach

I coach leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are at an inflection point in their life or careers.

You have worked hard to get to where you are, but something has shifted in you and you aren’t quite in the same state of flow.

Maybe you feel stuck or overwhelmed and have lost a sense of purpose and direction in your life. Or maybe you are over-loaded with too much on your plate, and are on the verge of burnout (again). Or perhaps you’ve reached a plateau and are looking to level-up and take your next steps with greater clarity and conviction.

Wherever you are at in your own journey, you have come to a point where you recognize there could be a different way forward, and you’ve decided you’d like to take your next steps with renewed energy and confidence.

I have worked with:

  • Leaders growing into executive-level roles in not-for-profit and public sector organizations
  • Experienced leaders entering a new position and inheriting an existing team
  • Emerging leaders adapting to growth in fast-paced tech and start-up environments
  • High-performing team members growing into leadership roles within their team
  • Entrepreneurs entering new stages of business growth
  • Mid-career professionals re-orienting their career paths
  • Successful professionals seeking work-life balance
  • Young professionals navigating the early stages of their career
  • New teams learning to work together for the first time
  • Established teams learning to work together in new ways
  • Teams undergoing business process reviews
  • Teams navigating the impact of digital transformation

While every person and every team’s situation is unique, what they all share in common is a commitment to a process that leads to tangible results such as:

  • a shift in mindset and perspective
  • clarity of vision, purpose, and focus
  • increased levels of awareness, accountability, and commitment
  • newfound momentum in taking action towards new goals
  • improved career satisfaction
  • healthy and sustainable work-life balance
  • new levels of peak performance
  • confidence and excitement with navigating the future
  • successfully transitioning into a new job or entirely new career path
Adrian Liem

Adrian Liem, Certified Coach

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Certified Organizational Coach (COC)
  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
  • Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  • Bachelor of Psychology (BA)

  • Internal 1:1 coach for Coaching@UBC
  • Group coach for Managing@UBC
  • Alumni coach for the UBC Certified Organizational Coach program
  • Head coach and founder of

My approach as a coach

I am an ICF certified coach and completed my training through UBC’s accredited organizational coaching program. Learn more about my coaching philosophy. What this means for you is that I am bound by a professional code of ethics, as well as a professional standard of practice for all of my work as a coach.

Depending on the nature of your goals, I may also incorporate other practices into the coaching process drawing from my experience in team leadership, creative ideation, and the use of digital tools to facilitate the learning and discovery process.

My coaching process

  1. I always start with a “Session 0” where we connect to see if we’ll be a good fit.
  2. If we decide to go ahead, I create a plan with you to establish your goals and timeframe for the coaching engagement including the number and frequency of sessions, and the overall duration of the program (typically 1-2 sessions a month for a minimum of 3 months).
  3. We connect online using Zoom or by phone for a 1hr time block. Some coaching sessions will wrap by the 45min mark with the last 15min for guided self-reflection.
  4. Every time we meet, we create the focus for the session and engage in the coaching conversation. When relevant to your goals, we may also carry out an activity that is designed to facilitate your own process of awareness and learning. All sessions include the actions you will put into play in between sessions, as well as your plan for accountability.
  5. Throughout the engagement, we will check in on your progress and on the coaching process itself. Depending on your goals, I may also have additional materials and activities I can share with you to complete on your own time.
  6. When we come to a close, we’ll wrap up with a retrospective session to look back on the journey, and also celebrate your next steps.