About me

I am a digital team manager and internal coach at The University of British Columbia, and the founder of Ashiba.cc, a coaching consultancy dedicated to helping people, teams, and organizations pursue personal and professional development in flexible, scalable, and methodical ways.

For over 15+ years, I have worked with cross-functional teams at the intersection where people, process, and technology meet.

Working and playing at the “edges” and intersections of different disciplines has been a hallmark of my life and career. As a student I studied in an integrated arts program combining philosophy, history, and english. I eventually majored in psychology with a focus on social psychology and organizational behaviour, and I subsequently completed my teacher’s training. During that year, I got my first taste of working with the web as a Technology Coach helping teachers integrate technology into their teaching practice and it piqued my interest in the possibilities of what the web would bring to education and learning.

This all happened shortly after the dot-com-bust of the early 2000’s, and as the Internet industry began rebuilding itself I dove right in to join the wave of digital transformation. In the years that followed, I gained hands-on learning experience in every facet of the web, working with entrepreneurial-minded teams in large organizational systems, and in after-hours projects with full-fledged entrepreneurs.

Throughout all this time, I was actively involved in competitive Ultimate — a team sport with no referees, driven by a core value of placing the responsibility of fair play on the players — which translated into a unique experience to learn about the intricacies of team dynamics and how leadership plays out in self-organizing teams.

On a more personal level, my experience coaching and captaining competitive athletes and sports teams, combined with a relentless pursuit of my own active lifestyle has translated into a passion for health and well-being, personal and team development, and optimal performance.

Through a series of serendipitous events, I began a journey of self-exploration that took me on a one-year sabbatical of personal and professional development. This year off that I dubbed “a tiny leap” was in many ways the start of my search for greater meaning and purpose. This kicked off several more years of learning and growth that led me to where I am today: a certified coach with deep experience in technology, team dynamics, personal growth, and professional development.

I’ve come to believe that people are all driven by the same core value:

To live a good life — to live our BEST life — a life with purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

And ultimately, this is what drives me in my own life and in my mission as a leader and a coach.

If you’re curious to learn more about coaching (for yourself or your team) or about integrating a coach approach into some aspect of your life or work, let’s connect! I’d be happy to chat.