What I do

I turn ideas into successful digital products and services.

Analytics and web intelligence

Uncovering insights through discovery,  research, and data

I work with business owners and stakeholders to identify key metrics and benchmarks for web and social channels, conduct research to test and validate assumptions, and create tools that enable on-going performance evaluation.

Analytics and web intel deliverables:

  • analytics configurations
  • data dashboards and metrics reports
  • user research and usability reports
  • A/B tests

User experience architecture and information design

Facilitating decision-making through visual communication

I synthesize information into various forms of visual documentation  to help articulate ideas, facilitate conversations, and enable clear decision-making.

UX architecture and info design deliverables:

  • data visualizations and reports
  • presentation decks
  • wireframes
  • process flow diagrams
  • visual stories

Digital project management and agile coaching

Guiding projects to launch through agile leadership and team coaching

I create traditional project roadmaps with a blend of agile methodologies  to carry digital projects past the finish line.

Digital project management and agile deliverables include:

  • project timelines, GANTT charts
  • team forecasting tools
  • project dashboards and status reports
  • Scrum leadership  and guidance
  • Individual  and team coaching