About me

Adrian Liem

Psych grad turned teacher turned digital professional

Adrian Liem, B.A., B.Ed., C.S.M.

I work alongside teams as a digital producer where I bring complete fluency in digital analytics, user experience architecture, web development, and agile project management.

With 10+ years experience in digital communications, I do the strategic, analytical, and creative work that turns ideas into successful digital products and services.

Adrian Liem

“Thank you for all of your patience, hard work and TACT! This wouldn’t have happened without you on the team!”

“A belated but very sincere thank you for all the amazing work you did. What I asked of you was hugely complex and time-consuming but you did it all with your usual helpfulness and efficiency. It is a real pleasure to work with you and the whole team. Thanks!”

“Adrian’s work has been transformative. He did a fantastic job in helping the team conceptualize a cohesive digital ecosystem in easy to understand visuals. He has created processes that did not exist before and has streamlined the way the production team develops.

With increasing demands for delivering complex projects under tight timelines, Adrian’s work in establishing a production process has been a critical factor in helping us continue to deliver high quality work.”